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5 Reasons Why You Should Mulch Your Flower Beds in the Spring

Adding a decorative layer of shredded hardwood mulch to your flower beds and garden planters not only makes your yard or garden look better, but mulching in the spring also serves as a protective barrier for your plants, keeping them healthy throughout their growing seasons. Here are the top five reasons you should mulch in the spring:

Mulch Absorbs Water

Adding fresh new mulch to your flower beds every year keeps more moisture around your plants, meaning you won’t have to water them as often. Mulching also helps keep roots and soil cool, allowing new spring plants to establish and grow during the the hot summer months ahead.

Mulch Prevents Soil Erosion

A protective layer of mulch around trees, shrubs and plants will prevent rain water from washing away your nutrient rich top soil. Also, was mulch decomposes it adds additional nutrients to your soil.

Mulching Helps Controls Weeds

If you don’t enjoy pulling weeds, and who does, you’ll thank yourself during the hot summer months when your shrubs and flower beds are weed free. Mulching around your plants and trees adds a protective barrier that blocks sunlight, so weeds won’t get the light they need to germinate.

Mulch Attracts Earthworms

The moisture in the mulch encourages earthworms to come up to the soil surface and feed in the evening, leaving behind their nutrient rich castings, which are a great free fertilizer for your plants.

Mulch Makes Your Landscaping More Attractive

Mulch shapes flower beds, frames gardens and planters and dresses up tree trunks with decorative circles, giving your property an aesthetic value by enhancing even the most minimal landscape designs. By adding fresh mulch to your property your yard will have a clean and polished look for many months to come.

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